Beauty Banter: How Can I Wear Bright Shadow?


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Dear Beauty Banter,

How do I get a bright, fun eye for a nighttime look without looking too costume-y?

Sarah from VA

Dear Sarah,

When choosing to focus on a bright colored eye, you have several options depending upon your own personal comfort zone and personality. For the adventurous type, do a “wash” of vivid color over the entire eyelid and a bit under the lower lashes in order to create a halo effect that yields maximum results. Shades of cobalt blue, lime green, or even bright fuchsia are stunning choices! When choosing this look, be sure to apply an eyeshadow primer to eyes first to prevent pigments from staining. Then, pat on color evenly and opaquely (whether using cream or powder formulas) and blend edges well for an almost airy feeling that will convey a sultry finish. For a more subtle yet still very effective approach, accent already neutral shaded eyes with an unexpected pop of colored mascara or eyeliner. Apply bright green or blue pencil inside eyes for a gorgeous contrast to smoky chocolate or charcoal eye makeup or just finish with eggplant or bright blue mascara. No matter how you approach your eyes, these suggestions are fresh and modern and can be worn by anyone!


Robin Schoen

Robin is an Urban Decay makeup artist – send us more beauty questions for Robin at!