Beauty Banter: How Can I Keep My Hair Stylish While Up?

Rachel Adler

Dear Beauty Banter,

With this summer heat, I want to wear my hair up all the time. How can I wear it up but keep it looking stylish?


Ilana from New York, NY

Dear Ilana,

There are 3 great options you can choose from for this:

Top Knot:

Make a more intentional and stylized look rather than haphazard. Use contrasting textures between hair against your scalp and the hair in the pony — add some frizz or braids for volume and for contrast to straight hair.

Rolls (a la YSL and Louis Vuitton Spring 2011):

Roll hair along hairline into a low pony or bun and secure with hair pins.


Use your favorite scarf as a headband to tie the hair up for a fun throwback look.


Roz, Bumble and Bumble salon

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