The Podcast You NEED to Download If You Love YouTube Beauty Vloggers

Victoria Moorhouse
Tetra Images - Jessica Peterson / Getty Images

Tetra Images – Jessica Peterson / Getty Images

Whether you’re interested in contouring, braiding, acing that “no makeup” look or just into learning about drugstore products that really go the distance, YouTube is a solid resource for hair and makeup how-tos and videos that will help you sharpen your skills. It is on this platform that the Beauty Vlogger was born—inspiring Internet celebrities and beauty experts to change the game of beauty tutorials. You know of a few, we’re sure– Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, and Kandee Johnson all come to mind. Many of these vloggers (the previous three included) have gone on to land commercials, gigs with brands, makeup collections, and even more. So we know they’ve got a thing for creating lifestyle content and answering the beauty questions we all have on our minds. But how did they even get to where they are? We watch their videos on the reg, but how they actually made vlogging a full-time job (and gathered hundreds of thousands of subscribers and fans) isn’t common knowledge.

If these are questions you want answered (like us), there’s a podcast you might want to consider listening to. Beauty and the Vlog, run by and created by Erika Vieira, features interesting Q&A interviews and segments with popular vlogger personalities and experts. Vieira, who moderates these interviews, which can be downloaded for free from iTunes (and says she’s always been a fan of beauty YouTube channels), dives into how these vloggers got to where they are, how they’ve managed to expand their reach and fan-base, the opportunities that YouTube has presented them, how’s it’s changed their lives, and more. “My goal with the podcast is to inspire women on this career path and to be entrepreneurs and to follow their dreams. The best part has been getting all the feedback from people that have found the podcast. I get so many people telling me how much these interviews inspire them. That’s been the best part—the feedback,” explains Vieira.

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Who are some of the big names she’s spoken with? Youtube stars like Karissa Pukas, Sona Gasparian, and Nurberxo have all sat down to explain the ins and outs of building a followed YouTube channel. Currently, Vieira explains that she releases about 5-8 podcasts a month, and looks to feature vloggers who are passionate about their work, have a lot of energy, and have a solid amount of subscribers, as she wants her podcasts to be aspirational and informative on what it takes to commit to YouTube as a career.

“A lot of the people that I’ve talked to on YouTube are not necessary trained makeup artists—they call themselves makeup enthusiasts. A lot of them, or most of the ones I talk to, are not trained and just had an interest,” says Vieira who mentions that vlogs are an engaging way to learn about makeup. She mentioned that she especially enjoys watching Halloween tutorials and content about budget-friendly and drugstore makeup. “The other thing, too, now with so many YouTubers–you can find someone who you resonate with.”

One question always posed to the guests on the podcast is how they decided vlogging is what they wanted to do and when they were comfortable investing their time into it. While she says that everyone’s scenario is different, a number in subscribers for their channels has stood-out. “It varies and it seems like there is a sweet spot around 100,000 subscribers,” she says. As their popularity grows on the site, some of these girls have gone on to hire managers while others continue to forge the path and manage their content on their own. Karissa Pukas, for example, mentioned that she didn’t hire a manager until she reached about 250,000 followers. As their popularity and fan-base grows, partnerships (and even friendships!) with other YouTube stars as well as beauty brands sometimes come into development. Vieira says that she believes brands are now realizing how influential YouTube stars really are. Think about it! Michelle Phan has gone on to snag her own L’Oreal line of beauty.

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If you’re inspired to start your own “next hit” YouTube channel, Vieira suggests being true to who you are and working on the quality of your content. “If you’re looking to grow and looking to make this a legit career, you have to come out with your video looking like it’s just as good as the people with 100,000 followers. You have to find what makes you crazy unique. The one thing that every single person has said is be who you are. You don’t want to copy because that’s not who you are,” she says.

Not bad advice! Intrigued by the world of YouTube beauty vlogging? Click here to check out some of the Beauty and the Vlog podcasts.