Beauty 101: When to Toss, Keep and Splurge on Makeup

Emily Smith

Although it’s a little past the time for annual spring-cleaning, getting rid of your beauty products can (and should) come at any time of the year. Disposing of beauty products such as mascara and lotions may come naturally to some; however, others might not realize the importance of cleaning out one’s makeup bag in order to not only maintain a fresh and up-to-date collection of products, but also to make sure that the products you use are helping, and not hurting you.

Makeup expert Sunday Riley said it all when she simply stated: “beauty is tricky,” and that it is. Beauty is not just about knowing how to apply makeup and upkeep your daily beauty routine, but it is also about knowing when to toss your makeup and when and how to clean your products.

One way to rid yourself of stressing over your products’ expiration dates is to mark in Sharpie when you bought each product. Sure, it sounds like a pain, but knowing when you put your products to rest will save you the hassle of contaminating your counter space as well as yourself.

Click through the slideshow above to see what beauty and cleaning experts have to say about when to toss, when to keep, and how to clean anything and everything beauty related!

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