Beats That Make Us Feel Beautiful

Caroline Murray

As glam as we look in a sexy LBD or sizzling updo, sometimes we need help feeling pretty. There’s nothing that gets us more pumped up for a night out with the girls than a great playlist, so why not make one for bad hair days? Here is a list of the best songs about beauty—ones that really make us feel gorg—to ensure that we never wake up feeling blah again.

Unpretty –TLC
This 90s song by TLC is dripping in girl power! Here’s why it rocks: These singers encourage women to ignore the haters, but if you want a bit of makeup for yourself, there’s no shame in that either. We love the idea of enhancing your natural beauty, so this is one tune that will be on repeat for a while.


Pretty In Pink – The Psychedelic Furs
Nothing makes a girl feel prettier than having two guys wanting her, as is the case with Molly Ringwald’s character in Pretty In Pink. While we probably would have picked Duckie over boring Blane, we still love thinking about the movie—and daydream about being pretty Andie— every time we hear this song.


Video – India.Arie
You know what’s really sexy? A woman who’s unique and totally comfortable in her skin. You don’t have to look like everyone else to be beautiful, you just have to exude confidence. That’s what India. Arie preaches in her song “Video,” and while we don’t always feel like hot stuff, it’s something we’d like to work on.


What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction
We can always count on a boy band to get us feeling giddy, and One Direction is no exception. They may be young, but we love how these guys admire the girl who doesn’t know how stunning she is. So next time you wake up convinced you look fat in those jeans, know that someone else thinks you look beautiful.


I Feel Pretty – West Side Story
Women have been concerned about their looks since the beginning of time, so we’re still finding life lessons in oldies, like “I Feel Pretty.” While this song isn’t about inner beauty, we like how Maria uses a really good feeling (in her case, love) to make her feel beautiful. Here’s the trick: find joy in something— like the sunshine, the thought of seeing your bestie, or how cute your dog looks today—and use that to inspire you to feel fabulous.


Shine On – The Kooks
Admittedly, we can get a little dramatic when a hair is out of place, our lipstick is smudged, or our cuticles look dry. That’s what we like about The Kooks, who remind us we’re hotties, always. They sing, “About your hair, you needn’t care/You look beautiful all the time.” We may not always believe it, but there’s certainly some truth to those lyrics.