Beauty Buzz: Disgusting News About Beards, Blogger’s Mother’s Day Picks, More

Rachel Adler
guy with a beard

Astronaut Images/Getty

What better way to start out the day than with the must-click talking points from around the web, curated by us. Have a story you’d like to nominate? We’ll be posting our top stories each morning, so tweet us at @BeautyHigh #BHbuzz

1. In gross news, beards apparently may contain the same amount of fecal matter as toilets. Um, GROSS. [Popsugar Beauty]

2. Still not sure what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? Some of our favorite bloggers weigh in. [Byrdie]

3. According to Met Gala trends, jade liner is the new go-to. We warned you – stock up now. []

4. See the truth behind how much models really are photoshopped with this cool timelapse video. [StyleCaster]

5. Find out what the benefits are of adding a serum to your skin care routine. [Daily Makeover]