How to Make Beachy Waves Even Better With An Easy DIY

Rachel Krause
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Photo: Getty Images

Sea salt spray is the stuff of gods: It gives even the finest, flattest hair more volume, movement, definition, and sexy, mussed-up texture than any other single product alone can achieve. However, as any beach hair-loving salt spray junkie will tell you, it has one huge caveat, and that is… well, it’s full of salt, which isn’t exactly known for its hair-nourishing properties. Still, the potential for dryness isn’t enough to put us off the salty wave sprays we reach for every morning—nor should it be, because this super-smart tip has given us a total “a-ha!” hair moment.

When we lamented to Dominick Pucciarello, an award-winning Editorial Stylist at Mizu New York, that we loved Bumble and bumble Surf Spray ($26, for beachy waves but just couldn’t get down with the drying effects on our hair, Dominick told us that he gives his favorite salt sprays a formula makeover that can’t be found on the shelves. “I pour some of mine out and fill the bottle up with pure argan oil,” he said.

Genius. Why didn’t we think of that? So the next time you find yourself wishing your salt spray of choice had a little bit more hydrating power instead of dehydrating power, do like Dominick and add some oil to the mix. Shake well, and spray away!