Beachy Waves Come Natural With These New Salt Sprays


Sevi Blue Yarrow Hair Texturizer. Photo courtesy of Sevi

Beachy waves. Its a summer hairstyle that will likely never lose its allure, likely because the mussed-up texture feels like the epitome of laid-back sexiness. The easy style also has an extremely natural appeal after all, its designed to mimic the effect of the salty ocean water on the hair. But until now, that so-called natural look could only be achieved with some very unnatural products. That is no longer the case. A Beautiful Lifes Pre-Game Texturizing Spray and Sevis Blue Yarrow Hair Texturizer both create beachy waves with nary a chemical in sight.

The texturizer by Sevi, the Baltimore-based line of organic and vegan hair products, uses sea salt along with a wild-crafted herb and vitamin blend. Pre-Games variety, made with argan oil, aloe and Himalayan pink salts, creates piecey texture while nourishing your scalp; and the coconut smell is pretty delightful. If you cant get your beachy waves in the most natural way you know, a dip in that thing called the ocean might as well achieve them with natural ingredients.

Sevi Blue Yarrow Hair Texturizer, $14, at; Pre-Game Texturizing Spray, $22,

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Pre-Game Texturizing Spray. Photo courtesy of Pre-Game

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