This New Curl Line Is a Game-Changer for Frizzy, Frazzled Hair

Beth Stebner
bbcurl review

(Photo: StyleCaster)

For the last few years, I had my hair game figured out, or so I thought. Deep-condition as if the zombie apocalypse was nigh, stay away from heat, and let my (bleached) curls do their thing. I’d like to think it was equal parts Grace Coddington and Disney princess—loose, a little frizzy, and a little big but in a (hopefully) fashionable way.

But that all changed when I got my hair cut this fall, losing some six inches of length in favor of a long, slightly angled lob. I loved the look when my hair was blown out, but left to its own devices, my naturally curly hair was a hot mess. The frizz somehow got worse, and not in an editorial way.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to try out Bumble&bumble’s new Bb.Curl line ($28–$34), which is replacing its fabulous Curl Conscious line. This time, the line comes with a new blend of Brazilian oils and a curve-defining polymer that supposedly makes my hair immune to the elements (though I always feel these promises, unlike my hair, fall flat).

And rather than catering the shampoo, crème, or mousse to any one type of curl as the Curl Conscious line was, each product is meant for a few different levels of curls, from waves to corkscrews (the shampoo, conditioner, and primer are meant for all hair types).

Depending on how gross and humid it is out, my hair veers between spirals and ringlets, so I was pumped to see how my curls would respond to some good, old-fashioned TLC. The entire line smells damn delightful, kind of like what I imagine puppies and sunshine smell like. After my first wash and condition, I worked a quarter-size dollop of the curl-defining cream into my wet hair and let air dry.

The curls were soft and touchable, but still on the frizzy side, so I upped the ante with a little Anti-Humidity Gel-Oil ($34), which magically defined my chaotic frizz into S curls that I could easily shape. And all was well for the next day. Come Day Two, I tried the Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer to freshen my look, but alas! No such luck. Even this spray couldn’t bring life back into my strands, which were now hopelessly kinky and scary looking—the worst kind of bedhead. So I plodded to my shower, feeling a little defeated. It was back to the drawing board.

After the next wash, I gave the Conditioning Mousse ($31) a go, even though I have PTSD from my high school days of crunchy, crackly, moussed-up curls. But I had nothing to fear. After letting my hair air-dry, I found myself with surprisingly supple, shiny curls with good definition, and not an ’80s vibe to be found.

Still, for my spirals, the curl crème and gelee are the shining stars of the collection. With them in my arsenal, I feel ready to conquer the world (or at least, my world).

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