BB Cream: The Miracle Product Explained

Rachel Adler

BB Creams have taken the US by storm lately, after years of popularity in Asia. And if we had to pick just one secret to steal from overseas, it would probably be skincare secrets (I mean, can you blame us?). But, not everyone knows the lowdown on BB Creams yet. We’ve heard that they’re fabulous, and multi-purpose, but what exactly will this miracle cream bring into our lives? And, how exactly does it work?

We talked with Sena Kang, General Manager of North America of Dr. Jart+, one of the leading BB Cream brands to give us the scoop. Below she explains the miracles behind this multi-purpose product.

Can you explain the benefits of using a BB Cream?
BB creams are first and foremost a skin treatment which is why it’s so much better than your regular foundation or tinted moisturizer. There are different BBs for every skin type – some have collagen boosting peptides, some have detoxifying properties, some deliver deep hydration– but all have sunscreen, flawless coverage, and a host of other skin nourishing ingredients. By design, they’re made to make your skin look like you–but better!

How do I know which BB Cream to choose?
We approach our beauty balms by skin type (instead of tone), so you would select your BB by your skin concern (as if you were choosing a serum or night cream). Our Premium formula is great for normal to dry skin, while our Water Fuse is designed to calm oilier types.

Why are BB Creams tinted? Are there any that aren’t?
Both Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balms are lightly tinted and warm to match most skin tones (so expect more coverage than a tinted moisturizer but less than a foundation). By nature BB is a combination product so it’s always slightly tinted.

What is the best way to apply a BB Cream?
We recommend applying Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm with your fingertips. As our BBs are formulated to warm up to match your skin tone, the light pressure of your fingertips blends the cream, leaving a natural finish.

Can it replace my daily SPF application?
Absolutely! In Asia, many women skip foundation entirely and use BB instead, as it replaces the tedious layering of many individual products.

If you had to estimate, how many products could the BB Cream essentially combine into one?
BB’s are designed to be a one-stop solution–perfect for the busy woman on the go! It can replace the serum, anti acne treatment, SPF, foundation, concealer, primer, and more!


cleardot BB Cream: The Miracle Product Explained