The Battle of Blondes vs. Brunettes Ensues

Amanda Elser

According to a newstudy from England’s University of Westminster, men find brunette women more attractive although they are more likely to hit on a blonde.

Apparently researches ran a controlled and scientific experiment by sending a woman to three different bars in London to report on how men reacted to her hair color when it was dyed red, brown or blonde. They then asked the 130 men to rank the woman’s different appearances according to preference.

We admit, it doesn’t sound like the most detailed experiment, but it seemed enough for the researchers who determined that the men found the woman more attractive and intelligent as a brunette.

Fact is, this was only one woman and different skin tones look better with different hair colors. So before you all run out and dye your blonde locks a deep chestnut we have to say that there are pros to both colors.

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