Batting for the Team


A friend of mine claims that her edge over other New York lovelies is simply her ability to apply fake eyelashes. While contemplating this last Friday, I decided to conduct a little experiment at StyleCaster. I doled out falsies to the fashion team with simple instructions to to wear them out and report back. Somewhat disappointingly, there were no horror stories from the weekend. I was hoping to hear about lashes falling off and wayward glue, but apparently I underestimated the team. I ran into Carol on Saturday at a loft party and her lashes looked amazing. Expecting to hear about some getting-ready drama, all I heard about was how easy it was. Similarly, it was such an easy feat for Meg that she wore hers to brunch in broad daylight. Marina and I weren’t as graceful as them and both suffered from mild paranoia that our lashes were going to fall off, and developed an eye twitch trying to ensure that they would stay on. I enlisted the help of professional makeup artist Makara Baker to help Marina and I bat our eyelashes as gracefully as Meg and Carol.

Makara Baker says there are a few tricks to making your lashes feel more secure. First, don’t use the lash glue that comes with your lashes. Invest in Pro Glue from the drugstore. Make sure the glue has dried a bit before applying; glue that is tacky is easier to handle. Also, the lashes cannot be too heavy or long for your eyes. If you have round eyes you may have to trim a full lash so that it doesn’t make your eyes look droopy. To determine the right length, hold a pencil from the corner of your nose up to the far corner of your eye. The lash should end right where the pencil meets your eye. Make sure to add extra glue to the ends and apply the lashes before your liner so they can adhere to a clean surface.

Now, on to the next upcoming challenge: bottom lashes. Makara warns, this is not for the inexperienced. Luckily I play on a professional team.