Bath Soaks That Are Way Better Than Bubble Baths

Sable Yong

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When you actually have a moment (and the bathroom) to yourself with some time to unwind, the idea of a nice good relaxing soak probably comes as a cure-all for all your busy schedule’s woes. Instead of a lukewarm and faintly frothy stew, wouldn’t you rather your bath be a truly spa-like cocktail of all the most relaxing ingredients? Instead of sourcing all of your favorite things and just dumping them in the bathtub, here are some bathtub baristas who have thoughtfully put together the ingredients for a perfect bath.


Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment

When you’re suffering from a nasty bout of seasonal eczema or itchy dry skin, oatmeal is your savior. Rather than dumping Quaker Oats into your tub, Aveeno offers a neater way with their Soothing Bath Treatment.

(Where to Buy: Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment, $6.99 at

Fig + Yarrow Mustard Soak

Weird fun fact: mustard is apparently a great detoxer when used for health and beauty. The spice stimulates circulation to get the blood pumping around your body. Mixed with salt from the dead sea, this mixture is excellent as a soak-the-pain-away soak.

(Where to Buy: Fig + Yarrow Mustard Soak, $32 at


Kopi Coffee Bath Soak



Try not to drink your own bathwater with this brew. A mixture of coffee, sea salt, ginger, vetiver, clove, and nutmeg, this is an energizing bath soak that relaxes your muscles and promotes circulation. The soak is packed in a sachet that, much like a tea bag, holds it all together for literally no clean-up afterwards.

(Where to Buy: Ritual Alami Kopi Coffee Bath Soak, $7.99 at


Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb

If you want to space out (literally), the Space Girl Bath Bomb from Lush, is your answer. With a glitter effervescent Saturn-shaped ball of grapefruit and blackcurrant oil, the fizzy thing pops and wizzes as it melts into your bath water like a lovely scented meteor shower.

(Where to Buy: Lush Space Girl Bath Bomb, $5.25 at

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Osmia Milk Bath

Take a note from Cleopatra and soak in a milk bath… but a slightly more sophisticated one. Osmia Organics’ Milk Bath with buttermilk, skim milk, essential oils and oats and baking soda, this turns your water into a milky skin-conditioning elixir. The milk acids gently slough off dead skin cells and you don’t have to do a thing but relax.

(Where to Buy: Osmia Oraganic Milk Bath, $50 at




Shea Moisture Bath Soak


Filled with all good things you like to eat, Shea Moisture’s Olive & Green Tea bath soak has dead sea salt as well as avocado oil in it for the ultimate moisturizing experience.

(Where to Buy: Shea Moisture Olive & Green Tea Moisturizing Soak, $12.99 at

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