11 Products for the Perfect Bath Because It’s Been a Long Day and You Deserve It

11 Products for the Perfect Bath Because It’s Been a Long Day and You Deserve It
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Whether you have had a trying day or simply want to spontaneously treat yourself, a bath is the perfect relaxation tool. Set the mood with candles or a diffuser with soothing essential oils, choose a bubble or flat bath, make sure the water temperature is to your liking and then slide in. Depending on how active or passive you want your tub to be, there are plenty of soaks, salts and other body products to take your experience to the next level of self-care.

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A great advantage to bathing is that it burns calories—yes, sitting in the tub can burn about 140 calories and can be equivalent to a session on a treadmill. It can also help reduce chronic inflammation and may keep your heart healthy.

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If you have no idea how to start preparing for your new favorite method of “exercise,” then look no further than this carefully curated list of bath time companions. Whether you want to soak or soap up, there’s no shortage of pampering tools to choose from. Scroll through to start creating your new at-home spa.

Lux Aestiva Ethereal Bohème Crystals

Free People.

Lux Aestiva Ethereal Bohème Crystals

Crafted from certified vegan ingredients, including Epsom salt and dried flowers, this mix cleanses the body while in the bath. Submerge yourself weekly with the crystals and warm water for maximum results.

$48 at Free People

Little Bottle of Calm


LUSH Little Bottle of Calm Bath Bomb

With a fragrant mix of lavender, chamomile and tonka, this bath bomb acts as more of a scent diffuser to unleash maximum relaxation properties.

$4.95 at LUSH

Bunny Twist Makeup Headband


The Vintage Cosmetic Company Bunny Twist Makeup Headband

This headband will keep hair out of your gorgeous face when applying makeup, doing a face mask or just relaxing in the bath. The bunny ear design is super cute and perfect for a self-care selfie.

$4.99 at Ulta

Soap Cherie Bath Soak

Urban Outfitters.

Soap Cherie Bath Soak

This vegan and cruelty-free Morning Rose Clay bath soak is formulated with Dead Sea salt crystals, French pink clay and notes of rose to give you your softest skin yet.

$20 at Urban Outfitters

Stone Diffuser


Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

This diffuser uses essential oils to spread a natural nonsynthetic scent in any room, but it is especially relaxing in a bathroom when in the tub.

$119 at Sephora

Mermaid Salt Glow Soak

Free People.

BajaZen Mermaid Salt Glow Soak

This soak includes salts from the Mediterranean, Dead Sea and Himalayas, so you know this product is working for you. Sea clay boosts radiance, while lavender and calendula relax the body.

$24 at Free People

Bath Bouquet Soap Petals

Urban Outfitters.

Bath Bouquet Floral-Scented Soap Petals

These extremely cute scented soap petals melt in warm water, so pop in a few to surround yourself with sweet-smelling, bath-friendly flowers! They can also be used as hand or body soap.

$14 at Urban Outfitters

Frosting Shampoo


Philosophy Coconut Frosting Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

A shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath in one, this product smells like a coconut cake and moisturizes skin and hair to perfection. If used as a bubble bath, pour a generous amount with the running water.

$18 at Sephora

Milk Botanical Bath Powder

Urban Outfitters.

Intention Botanicals Flowers + Coconut Milk Botanical Bath Powder

This bath powder consists of a blend of coconut milk powder, dead sea salt, dried rose petals and rose oils to disperse a relaxing aroma in your tub. Just draw your bath and add two to four scoops of powder to the water.

$24 at Urban Outfitters

Gem Soap

Free People.

Simper Goods Gem Soap

Crafted from 100 percent pure vegetable ingredients, these soaps can be used in the bath and shower or as hand soaps. They produce a rich lather and leave skin moisturized and naturally scented.

$14 at Free People