Bat Your Lashes

Rachel Adler

It Cosmetics has released their latest mascara and eye liner, helping us to bat our lashes without abandon once more. “Try to Look Away” Lash Building & Strengthening Mascara has vitamins and amino acids infused in it to take each lash to a seductive length.

For anyone who is dead serious about the length of their lashes, apply the new Eyes of Seduction Primer as a base. This primer adds even more vitamins and amino acids, with an extra dose of protein to your peepers. The white primer dries clear, while the full, round brush is able to reach and coat every last lash.

To complete the look—and get that sexy night out eye you’ve always dreamed of—It Cosmetics new Liquid Gel Eye Liner is simply perfect. The brush is just the right size for precise application, and can help turn that everyday going-to-work eye into a seductive date night eye.

Anyone else want to run out and buy all three??