Game Changer: Makeup That Fights Acne While Offering Full Coverage

Caitlin S. Miller
bare mineral blemish remedy powder Game Changer: Makeup That Fights Acne While Offering Full Coverage

Photo: BareMinerals

Like many 20-somethings out there, I still find myself battling the occasional breakout. From a few pimples on my forehead to the dreaded behemoth that pops up on my chin (naturally before a big event), breakouts are just a part of my life and have been for years. Although I’m definitely fortunate to not suffer their wrath too frequently, things could always be better. And lately, they are, thanks to my latest obsession, BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Foundation powder ($28, and matching Concealer stick ($22,

There’s no hiding the magic that makes both of these finds lifesavers in my book: the acne-fighting formula. Made from Aspen bark and tea tree oil, which help promote clear skin, both of these products treat acne (for real) while providing full coverage. Never again do I have to choose between treating my monster of a pimple or covering it. Cue sigh of relief.

The Blemish Remedy Foundation in particular is my go-to for post daily sunscreen application. After lathering my fave sunscreen all over, I often find myself a bit shinier than I’d prefer. Enter the powder foundation, which covers completely without drying or flaking. The lightweight formula seamlessly covers shine and redness. And those baby pimples on my forehead? Bye.

Next, I turn to the Concealer stick to spot treat any particularly gnarly areas. (You can smell the tea tree oil upon uncapping—delish.) A dab or two of the super-creamy formula is really all you need to cover quite a large area. I use it on my T-zone and cheeks to mask any redness the powder missed. What I like best about this crayon is it’s texture: so smooth. And oil—what oil? There’s none to be had thanks to Kaolin clay minerals, which also reduces shine.

Acne, your move. (Actually don’t. You can go away forever.)

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