Bare Escentuals Holds Blind Casting Call for New Ad Campaign

Amanda Elser

Bare Escentuals, the cosmetic star of infomercials, has announced its plans to produce its first traditional ad campaign in a very untraditional manner.

The theme of the campaign is “Be a Force of Beauty”. In a commercial for the campaign an actress says, “Pretty is what you are. Beauty is what you do with it.” To find models and actresses to represent the company’s idea of beauty Bare Escentuals had a blind casting call for women ages 20 to 60. Casting directors for the brand did not see any of the women who applied or who were selected for the campaign; they based their decisions off of a questionnaire. From 270 women, five were selected for the campaign.

Leslie Blodgett executive chairman of Bare Escentuals told the New York Times that not seeing the women before they were chosen was a risk. “What if all five of them were blonde, blue-eyed and 30?”

For a makeup company, makeup had little to do with the campaign. Besides basic color correction, Bare Escentuals didn’t airbrush any of the images. “We’re leaving in everything that they came with on their face. Every line, wrinkle, puffy bloodshot eye,” Blodgett said.

With print ads running in major glossies, and tv spots on cable channels, Blodgett hopes the campaign will send a positive message to society on beauty. “We have a responsibility as a beauty company to start changing the images that women see.”

What do you think? Will Bare Escentuals’ campaign have an impact on how you view beauty? Will it convince you to buy the makeup?