Beauty Banter: How Can I Get My Makeup To Stay Put?



Dear Beauty Banter,

How can I keep makeup from wearing away in the summer heat and somehow keep it fresh all day long?


Kelsey from Oregon

Dear Kelsey,

There are many hidden culprits that can cause makeup to seem to disappear, but there are some simple beauty tips and products that can make sure your makeup lasts.

1. Your skincare regimen may need a little summertime adjustment. While creamy eye creams help concealer smooth on easier, they also can cause it to melt away faster. The same goes for moisturizers. Try switching to a gel eye cream and moisturizer in the summer months.
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2. Prime! The importance of priming your complexion is crucial to your makeup surviving in the summer. Priming locks in your foundation and prevents makeup breakdown. LORACs aquaPRIME is a fantastic choice since it is a lightweight colorless gel primer that is oil, silicone, fragrance and paraben free, and also contains sodium hyaluronate which hydrates the skin.

3. Oil-free foundations also adhere better to the skin and do not melt away like their oilier counterparts. Oil-free foundation has come a long way and even if you are dry, youcan stillfind oil-free options that have moisturizing properties as well.

4. Try applying concealer after your foundation. You can actually wipe off a lot of your hard work if you apply your foundation after concealer leaving any dark circles or blemishes less covered.
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5. Setting your makeup with a translucent powder, as well as carrying one with you is a must. When setting your foundation and concealer, lightly blot the powder over your makeup. Wiping the powder onto the skin can actually remove the makeup you just applied! A light touchup of powder every few hours can really refresh your makeup. I always recommend LORACs Translucent Touchup Powder since in my experience it never builds up no matter how much or how often you use it.

6. Also, a lot of us tend to touch and wipe our face throughout the day without even knowing it: running our palms across our forehead, itching underneath our eyes, etc. Simple as it sounds, these unconscious actions can actually be a main deterrent to long-lasting makeup. Try carrying blotting papers with you throughout the day instead, or if you must touch your face, try tapping versus wiping.

Dean Fournier is Head Artist and Media Spokesperson for LORAC Cosmetics. He has appeared as a featuredbeauty and makeup experton QVC and TLC.Based in New York City, Dean also travels the country for LORAC educating clients and other makeup artists onthe brand’s unique style and concept.

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