Beauty Banter: How Can I Get Loose Beach Waves?



Dear Beauty Banter,

What is the best way to use hot rollers to achieve loose waves? Is there an easier way to get the look?


Molly from Virginia

Dear Molly,

The best way to achieve any loose wave is based on the size of the roller. The bigger you go, the looser the wave. An easy way to achieve this look would be a velcro roller, but you may want to try wrapping your hair around a curling iron because it’s much more realisitic and less time consuming. After the hair is set, you can brush the wave out to make it look softer. If you’re not comfortable using the iron, practice using it with it off, because practice makes perfect. I hope this answered your question!

All the best,

June Senkiew is a stylist at Cutler Salon in New York City, and frequents the StyleCaster studios for our Daily Looks shoots. You can find her contributed looks here.

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