Beauty Banter: What Can I Do to Dress Up My Eyes for Night?


Dear Beauty Banter,

I love making my eye makeup more dramatic for night, but sometimes I tire of the often-seen smoky eye. What are some other fun ways to make eyes stand out for a night out?

Bored With My Makeup

Dear Bored,

Dramatic doesn’t always have to mean dark– blow the smoke away and opt for a shimmery champagne or platinum color, to be worn on the eyelids only. Or, line the top and bottom of the eyes with a black or deep brown pencil– work very close to the lash line and fill in the space in between the lashes– then slightly blend the edge. Go over the pencil with a matching eyeshadow to keep it in place– finish with several sweeps of black mascara. This look will really define the eyes while keeping them looking bright and open. You can also opt for liner inside the upper and lower lids for extra drama. And, with spring arriving, why not try a more vibrant pastel eyeshadow? Some great colors this spring are lilac or turquoise for the lids.

Landy Dean

Landy Dean is a Makeup Artist at EDRIS SALON NYC. He has traveled internationally as a makeup educator for Vincent Longo Cosmetics. Dean was signed by a top Italian makeup agency, which launched his editorial career. He has done multiple shoots for magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan. He is best known for his expertise in eyebrow shaping at Edris Salon.

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