Beauty Banter – How To Get Glowing With Highlighter!


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Dear Beauty Banter,

I love the radiant, fresh-faced glow models have on the runway. I know highlighter can achieve this, but it seems difficult to use. Where should highlighter be applied, and what other products should be used with it? I need some make up advice!


Clueless About Highlighter

Dear Clueless About Highlighter,

Highlighter is probably the most underrated and under-used makeup product, yet it’s the best tool for any girl’s makeup bag! You’d think it may be difficult to use but really, it’s very easy. And, you can apply it with just your fingers. Here are some beauty tips on how to wear it:

1. The corner of the eyes by the bridge of the nose. This draws the light to the corner and takes away attention from the crow’s feet so you’ll automatically look younger. It can also brighten up the entire face.

2. Under the brow, at the brow bone. This will highlight the area, adding a drop of shimmer, which makes the arch of the brow look better and it lights up the eyes.

3. A dab at the bow of the lip will give your pout an instant juiciness – so Angelina Jolie.

4. A trick I love is to blend a little on top of your liner to give your lash line some shimmer. It softens the look, gives it a sort of Blake Lively on Gossip Girl look that’s effortlessly cool and fresh.

5. For a more dewy complexion, mix highlighter with cream blush on the apples of the cheeks and then apply a little bit more on the top of the cheekbone. Make sure to add just a bit. It will not only give the skin that runway glow but it will also accentuate your cheekbone, making it look more pronounced.

6. Don’t stop at your face. In the summer, use a little on your collar bone to give it a soft sheen. It will make your skin glisten.

Just look for a highlighter that isn’t too shimmery. I like it to be subtle and light enough that it’s buildable to keep it chic and sophisticated. I can’t lie – Purple Lab’s Luxury Squared is amazing and silky, made with skin care ingredients like silk (to hydrate), algae (to firm), and antioxidants, along with diamond dust. I know I’m biased but it’s true!


Karen Robinovitz

Karen Robinovitz, a New York-based journalist, is the creator of Purple Lab, which was started when she came up with the idea for her first product, Huge Lips, Skinny Hips. The gloss plumps lips and suppresses your appetite, and is the perfect cure for an after work event (where she aptly came up with the idea). The line has since expanded to cover eyes to face products as well.

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