Beauty Banter – How To Get Clump Free Lashes


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Dear Beauty Banter,

When I’m applying mascara I ALWAYS get clumps. Why does it do this? How can I avoid them? I don’t want to look like I have spiders covering my eyes! I often end up with web-like lashes and can barely see through them. Please help!!


Sick of Spider Lashes

Dear Sick of Spider Lashes,

Clumps can be caused by a number of things, including the cleanliness of the mascara brush (and how you clean it), the condition of your lashes and brand choice. I always recommend cleaning the bristles of the mascara wand with makeup remover and a clean cotton cloth. After cleaning, you’ll then want to rinse the mascara wand under lukewarm water and lay the wand on a clean area of the cotton cloth to dry overnight. I recommend making this ritual and doing this at least twice a week.

You may also havedry, brittle lashes which may contribute to clumping. A very simple solution would be to coat lashes with a lash moisturizer (like bareMinerals LashBuilder) and then apply at least four coats of bareMinerals FlawlessDefinition Mascara positioning the wand at the base of your lashes. Gently wiggle the wand back and forth in a horizontal motion depositing the most color at ornear the root of lashes instead of at the tips (clumps tend to be more visible at the tips).You’ll see instantclump-free results after just two coats! Some formulas come with brush that is especially meant to separate lashes this formula is designed with a state-of-the-art brush that works like a 360 degree fine-toothed comb to separatelashes for clump-free definition.

Two very important tips to remember: Start with clean lashes, free from yesterday’s makeup, and dont forget that lashes should always be dry before youapply a coatof mascara.


Bravon Pascua

Bravon Pascua is currently Bare Escentuals Global Master Artist and Brand Ambassador and is regularly globe-trotting and appearing as a guest on QVC Japan and many other channels giving personal tips and techniques. He has worked with top fashion models and celebrities such as Janet Jackson, Demi Moore, Christy Turlington Burns and Kelly Hu.

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