Beauty Banter – How Do I Take My Chic Bob To An Updo For Night?


Dear Beauty Banter,

I just got a shoulder length hair cut which I love, but I don’t know what to do with it when I have events to go to at night. Are there any cute updo styles for shorter length hair? And what products should I use to get it to stay all night long?


Desperate For a Great Style

Dear Desperate For a Great Style,

First, shoulder length hair is really beautiful hairstyle right now. Think Kate Moss! The length in itself is a style and if you follow the hairstyle tips below, you’ll have two different ways to wear the cut for a night on the town.

One is center parting with a slight wave and straight roots. If you already have a natural wave, towel dry and then add a small dollop of Bumble & Bumble Grooming Crme throughout strands. Take small sections, twist and loosely hold in your hand, while applying high heat, and medium speed of your blow dryer. Twist curls away from your face. When slightly damp, spray Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, finger through curls and go!

For a more polished look, do as said above, but when dry, take a barrel curling iron and wrap section of hair mid-shaft to ends around barrel, holding it vertically for a wave. (Do not hold iron horizontal, as it will give you a spiral curl!)

Another option is to round brush your hair using Oribe Gel Serum when wet, and blow dry straight with an exaggerated bend inwards on the ends. A long center part is the perfect compliment to this length and should always be curled out and away from the face to achieve a Charlies Angel look.

If you are looking for a more updo style, curl your whole head with a barrel curling iron. Spray each section with a medium to strong hairspray such as Bumble & Bumble De Mode. Let each curl set. With an exaggerated side part, brush hair into a low chignon behind the ear to the side the hair is parted to. Use French hair pins to randomly pin curls to create a messy, but classic 1940s do!

Make sure as you pin though, you are also aware of the balance the final result should look like a messy bun. Spray again & go! Throw in a hair accessory this can be placed either on the chignon, or you can put studded bobby pins in the front of hair that is parted to the side.

If you have a headband, do the same as above, only skip the side part and pull it all back and to the side. Slide on headband.

Hair accessories are huge right now and compliment and dress up any at home updo.


Angela Soto

As Mizu New York’s up and coming stylist, Angela Soto has already established herself as one of the industry’s top beauty experts. With seven years of industry training under her belt, Angela has already compiled a full Fashion Week resume working with designers such as Diesel, Lacoste, Max Azria, Herve Leger and many more. She also works closely with desginers Dolce Vita, Foley + Corinna, and Jane Wilson-Couture creating looks for their Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer trends, and has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Sharon Osbourne, Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port and Mickey Rourke.

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