Beauty Banter – Cutler Stylist Kristin Senkiew Chats How-To Fight Humidity



Dear Beauty Banter,

Where I live, humidity is a year-round problem. I’ve yet to find a frizz-fighting product that can combat the kinks caused by my humid climate. Can you suggest an anti-frizz product that can hold its own against humidity? And, are there any great quick hairstyles I should learn for those days where I know my hair just won’t react well due to the crazy humidity?

Frizzed Out

Dear Frizzed Out,

A great anti-frizz product is Redken Outshine. The moisture that it provides gives back to the hair without weighing it down. If you want options, another good one is the silicone-based Redken Glass, which really seals dry ends and adds shine. Use sparingly though, because it can make hair greasy and weigh it down.

But you can also forgo products altogether. A loose, stylish pony is an airy-chic way to battle those humid days. The low-key style will work with the humidity and create a look of its own. You can always accessorize to draw eyes away from flaws, such as wearing your hair in a scarf or a flashy headband.

Kristin Senkiew

Kristin Senkiew is a stylist at Cutler Salon in New York City, and frequents the StyleCaster studios for our Daily Looks shoots. You can find her contributed looks here.