Beauty Banter – Cutler Salon Stylist Chats How To Hold Curls


Dear Beauty Banter,

Curls look gorgeous on stars on the red carpet, but my stick-straight hair can never manage to hold a curl. Is there a way to get these curly styles without ending up with limp, flat hair by the end of the day (or night)?

Sick of Limp Strands

Dear Sick of Limp Strands,

I have two suggestions. If you are using a curling iron, I would apply Redken Full Frame 07 Mousse, or for more hold– Redken Guts 10 Spray Foam Mousse to damp hair. Let your hair air dry or blow it dry lightly. Once it is dry, if you require even more hold, spray each section with Redken Workforce 09 Flexible Hairspray before curling. Keep in mind to always let hair cool down and set before any additional styling, or before breaking up of the curl.

If you have time to use curlers or hot rollers, you can use the same techniques. Remember to always let your curls cool and set for as much time as you have. The longer it sets, the longer it will stay curled.

One of my favorite techniques for lasting, natural looking curls is to set them with cloth. I take an old t-shirt, cut it into long strips, and place the center of the strip at the center of the section of hair (damp, with product). Wrap the ends of the hair around the fabric, continuing all the way up to the root. To secure, tie the two ends of the cloth together. If you can sleep on it, you will have amazing curls that will last. If you have at least enough time to let it dry, spray with Redken Workforce 09 Hairspray. And remember, for natural, beautiful curls– always comb through with your fingers.

Elizabeth Parsons

Elizabeth Parsons is a hairstylist at Cutler Salon in New York City.

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