Serious Bangs Inspiration for Your Next Haircut

Augusta Falletta

Every girl with a Pinterest account likely has a board dedicated to her next haircut, and more often than not, there’s a hairstyle with bangs on there. Whether you actually make the chop to bangs or you’re just dreaming of the fringe possibilities, we figured it was about time to give you more inspiration for your next haircut. Below are some of our favorite bangs hairstyles you can take straight to the salon.

hairstyle with bangs

Shoulder length hair with just a bit of a wave and sideswept bangs makes for a sweet summertime look. Use beach spray on your locks to nail this look.

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hairstyle with bangs

Need a more formal hairstyle with bangs? Go for this undone chignon set to the side, sweeping the bangs over and pinning into the rest of your hair.

hairstyles with bangs

Sleek and straight, these bangs are the picture of sophistication. Use a flat iron primer spray followed by your straightener to get this look just right.

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hairstyle with bangs

Already have bangs but want to get them off of your forehead? Send them to the side with a cute bobby pin, misting with a bit of light hold hairspray to keep the style intact.

short hairstyle with bangs

Want a shorter style? Go for this chin sweeping bob and bangs combination that looks ultra chic.

hairstyles with bangs

For ladies with thicker hair, blunt bangs and textured hair will look especially amazing. This look can go from grunge to glam with a simple styling session, making it so versatile.

Images via Imaxtree