Celebrities With Bangs: Do They Look Better With or Without the Fringe?

Danielle Emig

With salons opening up solely dedicated to bangs, and celebrities changing up their hairstyle with fringe, bangs are certainly trending right now. If you’re a little scared to commit to the fringe, you can always try the “Bangs Bar” at Butterfly Studio and get clip-in bangs to see if you like them (or purchase your own fake fringe and try it out yourself at home). Beyonce and Britney Spears recently took the bangs plunge and we couldn’t decide right away if we loved it or hated it, but it may be a change we just need to get used to.

We decided to run through a quick history of celebrities with and without bangs to see which we like better. Some stars look ultra chic with fringe while others should steer clear from chopping their hair short. Then there are those that we envy, no matter what hairstyle they’re rocking. See the slideshow for our votes, then tell us in the comments below, who are your favorite celebrities with bangs?