Shoppers Say This Scalp Oil Is a ‘Life Changer’ For Dandruff & Irritation—’Relieved Itching Immediately’

Maya Gandara
Shoppers Say This Scalp Oil Is a ‘Life Changer’ For Dandruff & Irritation—’Relieved Itching Immediately’

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If you’ve been dealing with the annoyance of a dry, itchy head, it’s likely time to start prioritizing your scalp health. The skin on our scalp is deserving of just as much attention as the rest of the body, we just tend to forget it amidst our ongoing hair care and skincare regimens. Declining to care for your scalp can lead to dandruff, irritation, and even possibly inflame eczema further, which is why it’s vital to set aside a few minutes each week to tend to it.

Start your scalp journey with Balmond’s Scalp Oil, a natural, vegan formula packed full of nourishing herb-infused oils that treat a variety of skin concerns. Antimicrobial tea tree oil, rosemary oil, omega-rich borage and hemp seed oil, alongside nettle, calendula and chickweed help to promote a stronger skin barrier, keeping dryness and flaking at bay.

Balmonds Scalp Oil


Balmonds Scalp Oil

Per the brand, the product was formulated as a natural alternative to synthetic-based conditioning treatments for the strands and scalp, and is particularly useful for those who regularly deal with itchy, flamed skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, scalp dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. But beyond treating those concerns, it also functions as a topical rescue oil on dry areas, a soothing foot oil, a beard oil, and an inhalation oil for stuffy noses.

And reviewers have actually noticed real results from continual use, leaving the product plenty of five-star ratings. One person claimed that it “cooled my scalp and relieved any itching immediately,” while another wrote, “bought this for my brother who struggles with dandruff and he said the scalp oil actually works! He’s experiencing significantly reduced issues and is very happy with it!”

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“I have had problems with an itchy scalp for over 30 years,” explained another. “This is the first product I have found that soothes it immediately upon application. I would thoroughly recommend this scalp oil. It’s a life changer.”

“I love this so much! It made my scalp cleaner—I bought this because of my ‘dandruff situation’ and it’s gone! I used it once a week and the smell is strong but it smells wayyy better after washing.”

The scalp oil’s efficacy was tested through brand-run studies; 92 percent of subjects agreed that the product “improved the condition of their scalp,” while a near equal number said that the “itchiness associated with the dry skin on their scalp” improved. Additionally, 92 percent agreed that it “helped to reduce flakiness associated with dry skin,” and “would recommend” the Balmond’s bestseller to others.

Stop skimping out on your scalp skincare regimen by adding the Balmond’s Scalp Oil into your weekly hair care. You’ll likely be surprised by the results it brings. And make sure to pursue the rest of Balmond’s offerings, including the award winning Skin Salvation Balm.

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