Bad Weather Beauty: Celebrity Inspiration for Storm-Friendly Hairstyles

Augusta Falletta

Just when you think warm weather is about to be an every day thing, you wake up to rainy weather and reports of six inches of snow by tomorrow morning. Sure, we could spend our time tweeting about how much we hate global warming for bringing back snowstorms in the middle of March, but we’re choosing to focus our energy on figuring out a hairstyle that can weather the storm.

In an attempt to look great despite rain, sleet, hail or snow, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite celebrity hairstyles that we can count on in a downpour. From Jennifer Lawrence’s chignon to Beyonce’s undone braid, these hairstyles are ones that stay put through hoods, umbrellas and severe winds. For a style that will keep you from looking like a drowning puppy, take a look through these storm-friendly hairstyles for the next time the weatherman gives you the bad news.