5 Ways You’re Making Your Skin Look Dull

Augusta Falletta
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No one wants dull skin. If we could all look like luminous skin care advertisement models for the rest of our lives, we’d be pretty content. Even though glowing skin isn’t necessarily easy, there are definitely some easy changes to make to get your skin in much, much better shape. Below are five ways that you’re making your skin look dull — so you can lay these terrible habits to rest and start having that amazing skin you actually want.

You’re drinking the wrong liquids. If you’re dehydrated, your skin will show it, all the way from flaky patches to uneven coloring. Besides drinking at least eight 16 oz. glasses of water a day, you should be mindful of the liquids you’re drinking that dehydrate you. Coffee is a diuretic, meaning it promotes your body to pass fluids at a greater speed, which dehydrates you. For every cup of coffee you drink, you should match it with an equal amount of water to keep yourself hydrated. The same goes for alcohol in terms of dehydration. If you can’t stay away from it entirely, try to limit your alcohol intake and up the amount of water you drink to keep yourself hydrated.

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You’re spending too much time in the sun. Regardless of how long you’re in the sun you should be wearing sunscreen and reapplying as needed, but spending too much time in the sun means you can dry out your skin, leaving it dull and dead. When you can, try to limit your sun exposure to a couple of hours at the most, and avoid frying yourself in the heat for better skin.

You’re using makeup remover wipes — but not washing your face. Makeup remover wipes are great at doing just that: removing makeup. However, a recent study found that while they can take makeup off, they can also spread it around to the rest of your face. Plus, the alcohol that’s typically in the wipes to help break down makeup can dry out your skin. If this is your method of taking off your makeup at night, it’s imperative that you follow it up by washing your face with a cleanser and then using a moisturizer before sleep.

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You’re staying up late and waking up early. A lot of the times, we skimp on sleep because we think we don’t really need it. Sure, you can have one late night and still make it through the next day fine, but when it becomes a habit, your body doesn’t get the time it needs to rest and repair, which trickles down to your skin. Cells get their most TLC during the night when your body can rejuvenate and rebuild itself, and if you’re not sleeping enough, your body can’t function that way because it’s using all of its energy to simply keep you awake. Try to get into the habit of going to sleep at the same time each night and waking up around the same time each morning so your body can get enough rest, which will make your skin look so much brighter.

Your diet is high in carbs and low in vegetables. When you’re running from place to place 24/7, your diet can easily become the last priority. We grab things like refined carbs (“energy” bars and other processed snacks) because they satisfy our hunger and they’re easy to eat on the go, but when we rely on highly refined foods instead of fruits and vegetables for our nutrients, it takes a toll on our skin. The sugars our body processes in carbs goes directly to our skin, making tone uneven and giving it an overall dull appearance.