10 Things That Happen Every Time You Get a Bad Haircut

Augusta Falletta

bad haircut

Aside from your favorite lipstick being discontinued or accidentally buying waterproof mascara when you meant to get the regular tube, a bad haircut is one of the worst beauty issues a girl can have. Whether it’s because you decided to try out a new hairstylist who’s fresh out of beauty school or you brought in a picture of a choppy cut that almost never looks as good in real life as it does on Pinterest, bad haircuts happen to the best of us. And even though we know a haircut is only temporary, the pain of bad hair day after bad hair day can be a little traumatic.

Because we’ve been there too, we know what it’s like. Below are 10 things that happen every time you get a bad haircut.

1. You develop a habit of pulling on the ends of your hair. It’s not like you think it’s going to grow if you do that, but maybe it’ll look a little bit longer if you pull hard enough. Right? Wrong.

2. Scarves become your accessory of choice, no matter what season it is, because they hide the ends of your hair and trick people into thinking it’s longer.

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3. Sitting in front of the mirror for about 2 hours, you try to find hairstyles that hide the bad cut, then you settle on a ponytail (or some semblance of a pony depending on how short the bad cut was).

4. You go through old Facebook pictures and tag yourself just so you can see your old, awesome hair pop up on your newsfeed again.

5. Mom gets a venting phone call, and she listens even though this is the fifth time you’ve done this in two years.

6. You go on Yelp and post a horrible review for the person who cut your hair all wrong. If you could give no stars, you would.

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7. Every time your friends want to take pictures, you offer to be behind the camera, rationalizing that you’ll never be able to fit all of your faces in the camera if you take it selfie style.

8. An uplifting quote goes on your Instagram. Something to the effect of “Happiest girls are the prettiest,” because you can’t bear to post “My life isn’t perfect but my hair is.”

9. All of your friends pseudo comfort you by saying things like “It’s not that bad!” and “The great thing about hair is that it grows back!” If you are this friend, please stop.

10. You ask around and find a reliable, talented hairstylist who can fix your hair, then you vow to never go to a new set of scissors again (until you find a great deal on Groupon, at which point all bets are off).

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