FACT: A Bad Hair Day Really Can Ruin Your Mood

Amanda Elser

If you didn’t already believe that a bad hair day could ruin your mood, now it is scientifically proven. The Daily Mail  reported on a survey of 2000 British women (but we feel fairly confident this applies to Americans as well), which determined that women wake up at least three days a week with bad hair. That means that the average woman has 156 bad hair days a year and 26 years worth of bad hair during their lifetime. That’s a lot of greasy, kinked, frizzy hair to contend with.

Not only are you spending almost half your lifetime worrying about your unruly locks, but the survey reported that when a woman wakes up with bad hair she spends approximately 75 minutes feeling depressed. (While we totally understand this, bad hair is nothing to cry over! Just throw a headband on.)

So what exactly are the side effects of a bad hair day?

  • 12 percent of women have cancelled a date
  • 20 women admitted to getting dumped for being too grumpy
  • 1 in 10 girls wouldn’t go to meet a best friend
  • 13 percent try to wear a hat all day
  • 8 percent over-do their makeup to compensate
  • 20 women admitted to calling in sick to work
Have any of these things happened to you because of your bad hair day?