Bad Hair Day? Not Here


It’s no surprise that the ‘80s have made a comeback in recent years: bright colors, shoulder pads, biker shorts, jean jackets, sequins, layered minis, I could go on forever. But even with this new trend we’ve kept our silky, smooth, and flat hair … until now. has reported that Redken’s master hairstylist Guido Palau intends to take the ‘80s craze to the next level and apply a big, bold, and beautiful look to a woman’s head. That’s right, matted frizz is in. Say goodbye to Brazilian and Japanese hair straightening treatments and hello to perms and puffy bangs. Palau’s styles have already snuck their way onto runways via Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Calvin Klein but by next fall, we predict the runway look will hit the sidewalks, too.

Can’t wait until next fall to try out the new do? Not a problem, with the never ending rainfall we’ve experienced this season, you can get started right away. And for more information on how to control your frizz check out StyleCaster’s Hot Topic, Hair411.