This Botched Haircut Meme is The Most Hilarious, Horrifying Thing You’ll Ever See

This Botched Haircut Meme is The Most Hilarious, Horrifying Thing You’ll Ever See
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We’re pretty sure that at some point in our lives, around the paste-eating age, we were told not to laugh at other people’s miseries. And for the most part, we’ve adhered to that, because we aren’t awful human beings. But when a video surfaced last night on the interwebs of a girl cutting her own bangs—and completely botching them—we couldn’t help but lose our shit laughing. Sorry, mom.

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In the meme-y clip, a woman pretty confidently attempts to give herself bangs, using a black-tooth comb and a beard trimmer, which seems weird, but whatever. At first, the whole thing looks totally fine—she’s giving her hair enough slack, she’s moving slowly and meticulously—but when she pulls the comb away, looking pretty impressed by her skills, her bangs spring up and away from her forehead, like the butchered bangs you gave your Barbie with craft scissors, leaving her with a blank, oh-my-god expression. And yes, just like the video says, it’ll make you die laughing.

(You’ll want to turn your volume up for this—it’s worth it.)

At first, we felt a tiny bit guilty laughing at this woman’s misery, until we traced the clip back to its original origins: a French YouTube tutorial posted a few weeks ago by beauty vlogger Envy Delayd. In the 10-minute-long video (sorry, we don’t speak French so we can’t actually tell you what she’s saying), the vlogger demonstrates how to separate your hair into bang-ready sections, hold the comb and clippers, and cut, which is where the meme came from.

After the whole botched cutting job, she seems to freak out for a few minutes before grabbing her blow-dryer, comb, and flat-iron, using the combination of the three to flatten and straighten her bangs until they hang flat against her forehead. In fact, by the end of the video, her hair looks straight-up awesome and not-at-all botched, so we feel totally fine about laughing. If you want to watch the full video, scroll down below, or just keep re-watching the meme a zillion times and delighting in her horrified face like we did. Yay for the internet!

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