Tricks To Revamp Your Eye Routine For Back To School

Aly Walansky
Model with smokey eye


Unfortunately, summer always has to come to a close. While you’re enjoying the last few rays of the summer sun, it’s good to keep in mind that school is just around the corner – so you can start prepping for the new school year now, with your brand new look! Bat your lashes and flirt with the new hotties in class with these tips to revamp your eye routine!

Prime, prime, prime!
An eye primer will not only make your eyeshadow last longer, but it will also help the shadow stand out more and stay true to color. This is especially important for girls with warmer or darker skin tones, but pastel shadows are so light to begin with that they’re more at risk for fading, and any eyelid discoloration can affect how they look, says Meghan Carlson, resident blogger for Julep.

If pastel eyeshadow just isn’t your speed, why not try the color you’ve been craving as eyeliner instead, or as a highlight in the inner corner of your eyes? The concentration of color will add a more subtle but still totally fun pop. And that’s what this look is all about—fun!

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Work with your skin’s natural undertones:
It’s important when wearing color on your face to complement, rather than clash with, your skin’s natural color scheme. If you have yellow undertones, you’ll probably look best wearing cool pastels like greens, blues, and purples. If you have warm red undertones, pinks, oranges, and yellows will likely look the best. But there are lots of exceptions to this general rule, and many ladies have a naturally neutral tone that looks great with all sorts of pastels, so the best advice is to try before you buy, says Carlson. You might be surprised how different (and beautiful!) an eyeshadow looks in the pan versus on your lid.

Lifted and ready to learn:
After applying eye makeup (a little winged liner and/or shadow), dab a concealer brush with some foundation and swipe it from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow to lift not only eyeliner but to give eyeshadow a more lifted, alert (ready to learn) look, says Rebecca Perkins, head makeup artist and co-founder of Rouge NY.

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Black eyeliner is always classic:
But a bold black line can be a bit harsh for daytime wear. Invest in a good brush and use a powder or pencil liner so you can blend it out to soften. Alternatively, try swapping black for a dark brown or deep auburn liner, says Perkins.

Break out of your rut:
For a new school year, we no longer get the fun of a new box of crayons–we’ve outgrown that stage. But, why not invest in a new color of eyeshadow?  It will re-inspire you to play around with your eyeshadow for the new season and make you discover a new fabulous way you love to wear your eye makeup, says Perkins.

Build intensity:
When applying eye shadow, use the lightest shades first before moving onto darker shades to build the color, suggests Yadim Carranza, Maybelline‘s Global Makeup Artist. Similarly, when working with metallic or shimmery shadows Carranza says to try wetting the brush with a water spray, prior to applying, for added intensity.

Add definition:
Keep the shadow concentrated on the lid itself and resist the urge to blend the color above the crease. Leaving your brow bone bare will help you avoid any unintended retro associations. Finishing the look with crisp black cat-eye liner like the Julep Ink Gel Eyeliner will add an elegant edge.

Add some texture to your shadow:
If you tend to stick with the same natural shadow look from summer into fall, amp up your look for school with a wet/dry shadow, says Kate Watson, Global Education Director for Too Faced Cosmetics. By dampening your brush, you get a more intense color payoff that will give your look a pop. Try the Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette which has three great wet/dry options.

Add lashes:
Switch up your eye makup by adding lashes. They make any look amazing. They look unbelievably natural and no one will even know you’re wearing them (unless you want them to, in that case opt for a super glam style). Consider lash extensions; or for a more budget friendly approach, a fab set of dramatic lashes like these from Eylure.