Azulene Gel Mask


For those with sensitive, dry, and breakout prone skin, you are often out of luck when it comes to your complexion: if you moisturize you breakout and if you don’t you have dull, flaky skin. Well, Renée Rouleau hopes to change that.

Developed by licensed esthetician and skin-care expert Renée Rouleau especially for sensitive skin, her new Azulene Gel Mask is ideally suited for women with sensitive skin in need of hydration but prone to breakouts. With anti-inflammatory cornflower, redness reducing chamomilla recutita extract, and glycoproteins to alleviate skin stresses and promote cell repair, this gel mask is designed to reduce irritation while balancing complexion for clear, hydrated skin. For an extra calming and cooling treatment you can even refrigerate the gel for two hours before applying.

It sounds so soothing that even those of us without sensitive skin want to try it!

Renée Rouleau azulene gel mask, $45.50,