Grace Under Fire—How Ayesha Curry is Finding Calm in the Chaos of Her Budding Empire

Grace Under Fire—How Ayesha Curry is Finding Calm in the Chaos of Her Budding Empire
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Picture this: a teenage Ayesha Curry meeting her prom date in a lime green dress, lime green braces and lime green eyeshadow. Believe it or not, this isn’t some weird Internet rumor or fan fictionit actually happened. Long before she was a wife, mother, culinary expert, cookbook author and a COVERGIRL, Ayesha Curry was simply a high school student with an affinity for matching her makeup with literally anything, including the hardware in her mouth.

“It was just a form of self-expression! It was what it was (laughs),” she told me during a chat about her COVERGIRL partnership. “My mom would always let me play around, but I wasn’t able to wear makeup in high school until I was a little bit older. And when I did, I loved it so much.” Given this hilarious, but totally relatable intel, it should come as no surprise that joining the makeup brand’s ranks felt like a no-brainer. Curry, like most millennial twenty- and thirty-somethings, has been wearing COVERGIRL products for years. Plus, she loves being able to have a creative outlet outside of everything she’s cookin’ up in the culinary world.

Still, even someone like Currywhose organized planner is probably straight up #goals while mine is half-used and gathering dust in a cornerdoes not have a magical formula for balance. Is there even such a thing? The verdict is still out, but for now, she’s learning to simply go with the flow and throw on some lipstick along the way. Everyone’s got their own brand of self-care and for Ayesha, it includes quality time with her daughters, makeup to match her unapologetic 2020 vibe and comical attempts at getting her husband on a skincare routine.

“I told [Stephen] the other day, ‘listen, I bought you some face wash and moisturizer. It’s time for you to step it up.’ You know what the annoying part about that is? These men can wash their faces in chicken grease and they still look great.”

Ahead, more on Ayesha’s self-care rituals.

The Work-Life Balance Myth

I think it’s something we’re always searching for, so I always try to find beauty in the chaos. That’s balance; knowing that things are going to be a bit out of wack sometimes and you just get through it. I realize that everybody’s kind of in the same space. No one ever really has it all together and I find peace in that.

Beauty Gurus In-the-Making

[Riley and Ryan] are absolutely into makeup. They love makeup so much. They stay messin’ up my brushes, using a foundation brush for blush or whatever else (laughs), but I like that they want to be creative with it. There was one time we had a little girl’s night and went out for dinner and movie and I let them wear lipstick so we could all match.

But other than that, I let them play around with it in the house. I can tell they’re going to be the avid makeup wearers when they get older. But I want them to know they can use it as a form of expression and that they don’t need makeup. They can use it to enhance what God gave them.

My goal this year is to just be unapologetic.

Catching Zzz’s

As corny as it sounds, I’m trying to drink more water and mind my business. I think it’s so important for everyone to have their own version of self-care whether it’s meditation, prayer, making sure you do your beauty routine or taking that extra five minutes to yourself before your kids wake up. It’s not selfish because you can’t serve from an empty vessel.

I think my intention would be to just sleep, maybe put a face mask and lay in the bed. I’ve actually been given a couple days like that recently, but then some idea pops up and a Google doc is formed. Everybody always asks ‘what do you want for Christmas?’ or ‘what do you want for your birthday?’ and I’m like ‘sleep!’

Comfort Bites

I love oxtail and rice and peas. My mom’s Jamaican, so that is my go-to. I tend to pick at food throughout the day because I’m always developing recipes and testing ingredients, but when she cooks, I have to sit and enjoy the full meal.

2020 Goals: A Signature Look + Taking Up Space

I love keeping the skin nice and clean. That’s always a good idea whether it’s BB cream or a good cream foundation, plus a little mascara and fillin’ in those brows. I turned 30 this year and I’m just in the zone right now. Everybody always told me you turn 30 and feel comfortable with yourself, so my goal this year is to just be unapologetic.

I want to encourage other women to do that as well. Watching Miss Universe [Zozibini Tunzi] was so inspiring, especially when she talked about teaching girls to take up space. I want to one, invite women into my space to be as creative and inventive as they want to be. And I want to work on myself and take up my own too.

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