And the Award for Best Makeup Goes to….


While huddled on my couch last night in sweats and an old college sweatshirt, clutching a batch of chocolate-chip-cookie dough and watching the Oscars happening in sunny LA, I thought to myself, “When, oh, when will this neverending winter be over??”

You see, the combination of post-fashion-week exhaustion, a weekend full of parties and catching up with non-fashion-related friends, and the frigid weather outside had caused me to opt out of several Oscar party invitations in favor of cuddling up with my long-haired Chihuahua, Suz and baking cookies. You know there is something wrong when I forgo party-going in favor of baking.

Watching Natalie Portman come down the red carpet in all her bright lilac-draped, sun-kissed glory did not help matters. I mean, girl looked flawless. She looked like a veritable advertisement for spring. And her makeup may have been the best part about it. The powder-pink cheeks, the glossy rose lips, and the light lavender eyeshadow with rows of spiky lashes all made me wish even more fervently for the warmer days to come.

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