This New Mascara is Mind-Blowing


mega effects avon This New Mascara is Mind BlowingIt’s not very often that a product comes along and totally blows my mind, but Avon’s new Mega Effects Mascara ($10, is just about the most innovative thing I’ve seen in a while. The delivery system on this mascara is amazing. It acts like a paint brush for the lashes, not like a traditional tube-and-wand system. It adds up to 40% more mascara to the lashes than regular mascara.

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous to sweep on this mascara, but the flexible handle, lash-hugging bristles and deep intense color made the payoff totally worthwhile. It’s a bit strange at first to use the Wonderbrush wand, but it is so comfortable, you can’t imagine why nobody ever designed one like it before. The only issue I found with Mega Effects is the brush is a bit cumbersome for use on the bottom lash line, but honestly your top lashes wind up looking so voluminous and lush, you can actually skip the bottoms completely and not have a care. The best way to apply this mascara is to line up the wand with the base of your lash line, where it fits naturally, and begin to slightly wiggle it and sweep from the roots up to the tips. The results are epic!