Avocados, Not Just For Your Guacamole


The mastermind behind Morris Organics, Stephanie Morris, started her company two years ago with a mission of creating products that make your skin happy, beautiful, and nourished. She sought out to formulate a collection of lotions, oils, and body scrubs that are good for you and the environment. With avocado oil at the heart of each product in the Avocate Skincare line, Morris has formulated a Skin Glow, a Collagen Intensive Eye Repair, a Skin Perfecting Body Lotion, and a Body Polish that all reap this ingredient’s beneficial properties. All of Avocate Skincare’s products promise dramatic results due to both their power to boost collagen naturally, as well as reverse the signs of aging, but the Skin Glow is the brand’s premiere product. The 100% natural and organic formula is comprised of just four ingredients, avocado oil, vitamins A and E, and essential oils, forming a moisturizer that absorbs into your skin, almost immediately starting the body’s collagen recovery process. Morris swears by this miracle moisturizer, adding that you will see results no matter what your skin type is.

Avocate Skin Glow, $45, Avocate Collagen Intensive Eye Repair, $18, Avocate Skin Perfecting Body Lotion, $15.95, and Avocate Body Polish, $17.50, all available at morrisorganics.com

Secret tip: There’s a summer sale going on right now where you can get all four products for just $67.50!