This Happened: A Comprehensive Study About the Average Man’s Penis Size

Despite the fact that pop culture is packed with jokes about penis sizes, there isn’t much conclusive data on the average length and circumference of the much-talked-about appendage. Go figure. So, researchers in London decided to right this wrong by reviewing the data from 20 existing penis-size studies, involving 15,521 men.

We bet you didn’t expect to get this information today, but here it goes: The researchers found the average length of a flaccid penis to be 3.61 inches and the average length of an erect penis to be 5.17 inches. Fact.

In case you’re interested in the rest of the research (of course you are), here’s what else they came up with:

Average length of flaccid penis: 3.61 inches

Average length of flaccid penis stretched out by researchers (yes, scientists have to do weird stuff): 5.21 inches

Average length of erect penis: 5.17 inches (researchers could only find four studies that fit the criteria, so the sample size is a just 692 men.)

Average circumference of flaccid penis: 3.67 inches

Average circumference of erect penis: 4.59 inches

Surprised? Confused? Nonplussed? We’re a mix of the three.

Also—and this is actually interesting—the study disproved the old middle-school adage about big feet/big penises, but did find that the length of the body part did correlate with the height of a man. However, you shouldn’t take this as total fact: Researchers who kicked off the study are the first to admit it isn’t perfect, saying that the sample size isn’t representative of the entire population. Sorry, guys.

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