How To Get The Best At-Home Pedicure This Spring

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How To Get The Best At-Home Pedicure This Spring
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With spring right around he corner, what better way to celebrate sandal weather than with an at-home pedicure?  For the times you need a refresher in between salon trips, can’t make it to the salon or you’re just having a girl’s night in, we’ve got some useful tips for your DIY pedicure. We have laid out step by step instructions on how to get your toes in tip top shape!

The best nail polishes for your pedicure are, of course, the classics.  You can’t go wrong with a red, pale pink or nude shade, but if you’re feeling a bit more edgy, bright blue or orange are fun alternatives. If your feeling up to another step, a french pedicure always leaves a polished look when going to an event. To really step out of the box, try some simple nail art on your toes. Click through some of our #NailCall articles for inspiration. Let us know how your at-home pedicure goes in the comment section below!

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Here are step by step instructions for your best pedicure at home! 

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Step 1: Let you tired toes soak in a foot spa to allow the skin to get soft and supple. By doing this before you moisturize, lotion can really sink into the skin. This also allows dirt to easily slip off your feet. 

(Homedics Foot Bath,$49,

Step 2: Be sure to massage your whole foot with a scrub. This will get rid of any dead skin and leave behind silky, smooth feet. 

 (H2o + foot scrub, $16,

Step 3: Next, scrub the heels and any other source of callus that might be on your feet with a pumice stone. Dab a splash of your every day body wash onto the stone, this way it isn't too harsh. This one made by Lush has fresh sea salt to naturally rid any sign of a rough spot. 

(Stepping Stone, $4.50,

Step 4: Make sure to clip your toenails to ward off any signs of an ingrown nail. Trim them down to a natural height to make sure they won't harm you later.

(Clippers, $12,

 Step 5: Next, shape your toe nails either round or square, and buff them to give them some shine.

(Tweezerman File and Buffer, $5,

Step 6: Moisturizing is key to keeping your feet looking and feeling super soft, clean and rejuvenated. This foot cream from Soap and Glory will give any rough skin a run for its money. 

(Soap and Glory Heel Genious, $16,

      Step 7: Swipe one of these nail polish removing wipes over each toe nail before applying polish, getting any leftover polish or cream off of the nail so the polish will stay on longer. These nail wipes from Josie Maran also promote healthy cuticles and nail growth, a win-win situation in nail care.

     (Josie Maran Nail Wipes, $9,

Step 8: After applying a base coat, apply two coats of polish to your toes. This coral color from Butter London, Trout Pout, is sure to make your feet spring ready. 

(Butter London Trout Pout, $15,

Step 9: Lastly, but most importantly, give your toes some shine and finish the pedicure with a strong top coat. Allow time to dry and you're ready for spring break. 

(Deborah Lippmann Top Coat, $20,

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