Beauty Buzz: One Editor’s Journey With An At-Home Wax Kit, Nicole Kidman’s Makeup Mishap, More

Rachel Adler
woman in bikini

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1. One woman’s journey through an at-home wax kit. All of the contortions and the pain, included. [Fashionista]

2. Nicole Kidman has suffered the dreaded makeup malfunction, caught with too much powder on the red carpet. [E! Online]

3. Not sure how to layer your summer skin care since you don’t want things to get too heavy and greasy? Here’s your go-to guide. [Daily Makeover]

4. Apparently working out isn’t all it takes to lose weight, according to a new study. We can’t just eat donuts all day and run the calories away? [The Cut]

5. Find out what happens when you take skin plumping pills for a week – model worthy skin? [Byrdie]