ASOS Has Stopped Airbrushing Its Swimsuit Models, and We’re Dying

ASOS Has Stopped Airbrushing Its Swimsuit Models, and We’re Dying
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS

Man—there’s really nothing better than searching the web for itty bitty bikinis and skintight one-pieces while trying not to compare yourself to the flawless-looking models with ethereal, glowing skin. Oh, wait, just kidding; it kind of sucks. It’s not that we don’t love our stretch marks and acne scars galore, but we’d also love to see them on these supposedly real women, too. So when the Internet started noticing that ASOS had stopped airbrushing its models, we promptly freaked out and bowed down.

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Yes, it’s sad that it’s 2017 and this is still a newsworthy event, but society sucks, and here we are. Though ASOS has always been pretty good at showing realistic-looking women in the past (well, as realistic and relatable as you can get with a size-four model), this move toward non-doctored photographs is pretty huge for a major fashion brand. And yes, the Internet is freaking out.







Though we’re not, by any means, saying that ASOS is a god among mortals (after all, the majority of women it features are not at all representative of the average American woman), the brand is still taking giant leaps in the right direction toward body positivity and acceptance. So excuse us while we go swimsuit shopping on ASOS for the next two hours straight and feel happy about the world for once.