Ashley Greene’s Biggest Beauty Blunders

Amanda Elser

Twilight star and mark Cosmetics’ spokesperson, Ashley Greene wasn’t always the radiant beauty she is today — in fact, she’s had some pretty serious beauty mishaps in her day. But she has learned from her mistakes and had some pretty sound advice to give to the fine people over at Stylelist.

For someone always in the spotlight, you’d be surprised how much she doesn’t like makeup. “I think it’s dangerous to get too comfortable with needing makeup. You kind of lose yourself, and you don’t think you’re pretty without it. It creates this whole downward spiral.” Agreed, Ashley, but just like any young lady, you too have made some gruesome mistakes in your youth.

Over bronzing: “It’s really bad to put bronzer all over your face; you get too dark of a shade. When the sun hits you, it usually hits your cheeks, the top of your nose and your forehead, not your entire face. I had to learn that.”

Over plucking: “That’s one of the big things I learned: your brows really frame your face. It draws the attention to your face. When I was younger I used to pluck them and wax them, and I don’t even know what I was thinking.”

Over straightening: “My hair’s been every color under the sun, and some are good and some are bad. I think the biggest mistake I ever made was when one of my friends was like, ‘You should just iron your hair with an iron.’ It was not good at all. It was just stick-straight. I was probably around 14 when I did that; I did a lot of dumb things at 14.”

Over scrunching: “I used to also scrunch my hair. I used entirely too much hair gel. It was highly flammable, extremely crunchy. I feel you like you could break it. It was not a good look for me.”

Thankfully, Ashley is trying to make amends for her past mistakes by encouraging girls to be happy in their own skin. “There were certain things I was very insecure about, but I’m constantly going out there trying to make girls feel like they are special, and I think it rubs off on me. A lot of it’s you live, you learn, you grow. I’m finally to a spot where I’m comfortable.”