Ashley Graham Posted a Makeup-Free Selfie About Her Boobs

Ashley Graham Posted a Makeup-Free Selfie About Her Boobs
Photo: Getty Images

OK, yes, we know that a good majority of celebrity makeup-free selfies are probably not totally makeup-free. Maybe there’s some under-eye concealer, or a little blush and contour, or, at the very least, a ridiculously forgiving blurring filter to disguise zits and redness. But Ashley Graham just posted a really real, really sweaty, and really awesome makeup-free video (yes, video), of herself post-workout. And yes, she’s freaking gorgeous.

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Hey, we’re all about wearing as much makeup as humanly possible if that’s your jam (it’s definitely ours), but we’re also down with people showing their clean, natural skin in a giant move of IDGAF confidence, a la Ashley Graham. Last night, a sports bra-clad Graham posted a video to Instagram showing herself covered in a layer of sweat and absolutely zero makeup, clearly after a pretty intense workout.

“To all of my big-breasted ladies out there who love to work out and can’t find a bra, it’s all about the Enell,” says the model, bouncing up and down and focusing the camera on her chest. “These girls are not going anywhere. Nowhere.”

See? All of the confidence. Graham has been a supporter of Enell sports bras (which specialize in sizes larger than a C-cup) in the past, so we’re not quite sure if this is just an innocent shout out to the brand, or if there’s a partnership in the works, but either way, this video rocks. Supporting big-busted ladies and the no-makeup crowd? All of the yes.

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