Ashley Graham’s Hairstylist Shares Genius Hack for a Fuller-Looking Ponytail

Ashley Graham’s Hairstylist Shares Genius Hack for a Fuller-Looking Ponytail
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Ashley Graham is an effortless natural beauty, but we love when she turns up the glam, too. Such was the case when she made press rounds for “America’s Next Top Model” earlier this week. The supermodel’s trusty hair and makeup squad includes Justine Marjan, who has also styled the strands of Shay Mitchell, Kerry Washington, and Khloe Kardashian.

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Like other celeb beauty pros, she frequently shares her work on Instagram, via gorgeous shots of her clients post-styling. And if we’re lucky, she’ll break down all of the products and techniques she used to get there as well. Graham’s bouncy ponytail for “The Steve Harvey Show” left us pining for whatever Marjan did to make it look so full and luscious, so we immediately zeroed in on a how-to, shared exclusively with Us Weekly’s Stylish.

Thankfully, not much is required to create the illusion of fuller hair; all you need are two elastics, a little mousse, and a curling iron if spiraled strands are your jam. To create Graham’s high ponytail, Marjan started by prepping her damp hair with Christophe Robin’s Paris Volumizing Mousse and blow-drying it immediately after. What comes next is the key to adding volume without having to use more product.

Fatboy Water Wax

After slicking down the roots with a little Fatboy Hair Water Wax (a drugstore find!), Marjan took the top half of Graham’s hair and brushed it into a high ponytail. She then repeated those same steps on the bottom half, making sure that the two ponytails were placed close together, which in turn, creates the illusion of just one ponytail on top of her head.

GHD Curling Iron


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And to up the volume even more, she used a ghd Curling Iron (disclaimer: Marjan is a brand ambassador for the brand) for added definition to Graham’s curls, before using a toothbrush to slick down flyaways. The moral of the story here is that when you want to fake a fuller-looking do, two of something is what’ll get you there. Why didn’t we think of this?

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