Ashley Graham Just Got a Majorly Awesome Haircut

Ashley Graham Just Got a Majorly Awesome Haircut
Photo: Getty Images

In breaking news, Ashley Graham is still as ridiculously gorgeous as she was yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, mostly because she’s a naturally beautiful human being. And as further proof of that, Graham got a haircut, as humans tend to do, and she looks freaking phenomenal.

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Graham became the latest celebrity to join the lob brigade after Instagramming a picture from the set of America’s Next Top Model (she’s is a judge on the upcoming cycle) with a good arm-length’s worth of hair chopped off, and a shiny, wavy, textured lob in its place. And just as we were about to whine to the world, “but how does her hair look that perfect?!” we saw the video hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons posted to his Instagram, demonstrating exactly how he got her hair to look that perfect.

Aside from the fact that this video is basically an ad to show that Fitzsimons or Graham has very clearly partnered with Alterna Haircare for a hot second, we can more importantly see that Fitzsimons is using Alterna Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo to give Graham’s waves a lived-in, messy look. Yup: Instead of using a texturizing spray, which can sometimes look sticky or heavy, Fitzsimons is spraying translucent dry shampoo on random sections of her hair before rubbing the pieces between his fingers. The result: piece-y texture that still looks incredibly soft and sexy as hell (which, let’s be honest, is just a synonym for Ashley).

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