Ashley Graham Shares Her Favorite Post-Workout Snack

Ashley Graham Shares Her Favorite Post-Workout Snack
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One look at Ashley Graham‘s Instagram and you can almost feel a sweat breaking from how hard she works out. Considering the intensity of her workouts, the 30-year-old model needs a healthy and satisfying snack to keep her energy up after a long, grueling workout, and she might’ve found the perfect solution: almond butter and apple slices.

Graham shared her go-to post-workout snack on her Instagram story where she posted a photo of a few apple slices and a pack of Justin’s Classic Almond Butter resting on her lap on a car ride home from the Dogpound, her gym in New York City.

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Ashley Graham Favorite Workout Snack

Photo: Instagram

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Of course, almond butter and apple slices aren’t the most innovative snack out there, but there’s a reason Graham sticks to the oldie-but-goodie. As SELF reports, almond butter and apple slices are jam-packed with necessary carbohydrates and proteins after a workout. Carbohydrates replenish glycogen (a.k.a. the fuel you burn when you’re working out), while protein plays a crucial role in repairing and strengthening muscles you tear in intensive weight training.

Plus, given the on-the-go life of Graham’s, she doesn’t have time to whip up something extravagant to down after a workout. So a simple pack of almond butter and a few pre-sliced apple slices will have to do the trick. Besides, any chance we get to eat like we’re in second grade again is fine by us.