Important: Ashley Graham Bleached Her Eyebrows

Important: Ashley Graham Bleached Her Eyebrows
Photo: Getty Images

As someone once said somewhere in the world (or, realistically, in some ‘90s teen movie), eyebrows are the window treatments to your soul. And over the weekend, Ashley Graham did a little re-designing, posting a picture to Instagram with bleached, barely noticeable brows. Yup.

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It should be noted that we hate that something like this is even newsworthy, but seeing as eyebrows are one of the most important aspects in facial recognition (fact: only 46 percent of people, on average, can recognize celebrities without their eyebrows, according to science—a.k.a. MIT researchers), it’s a little shocking to see such a well-known model look so unrecognizable.

In the photo, Graham has a short, bob-like hairstyle (don’t get too excited; we’re pretty sure it’s just her own wet hair flipped over and clipped into a faux-banged bob) and bleached-blonde eyebrows. The cryptic caption: “Good things coming soon… @fashionunfiltered.” Your guess is as good as ours as to wtf that means, but we’re assuming the brows were for some cool shoot that will eventually be revealed in the coming weeks.

Either way, though, we’re a little envious that Graham still looks this phenomenal without brows. We’re pretty sure we’d look like a naked mole rat in the middle of winter if we tried to replicate the look.

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